{ Dancing in the Rain }

Hello Dear Friends…

I was a little bit nervous about this session,
as I had never worked with a group of teenage girls before,
and certain stereotypes being what they are…
I kind of expected absolute chaos… haha.
Needless to say, I did not have to worry…

Most of these beautiful girls have been dancing
together since they were 4 years old…
And it definitely showed in their ability to work as a team!
I was amazed at how little direction
I needed to give them,

“Go stand in a line by the archway…” I said

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer-7Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer-10and they did all the rest, making sure the line was straight,
everyone’s toes were pointed, eyes looking in the same direction, etc.
Their grace & poise was clearly evident,
even when doing a simple task like putting on their pointe shoes…

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer-11Of course, not everything can run smoothly though,
and the rain was our next challenge…
Thankfully, some areas at The Leitch Collieries have a bit of roof covering!
So, that… mixed with a willing Mom to hold an umbrella over my head,
and the rain wasn’t such a problem anymore!

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer-2

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer-1While there are no shortage of stunning areas to take pictures
in the Crowsnest Pass, I love shooting in this location.
The classic architecture of our ‘historical ruins’
at The Leitch Collieries is the perfect backdrop
for these lovely dancers!

{ Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning to dance in the rain }

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer-6
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One thought on “{ Dancing in the Rain }

  1. I love it, Sally-Ann!!! You were awesome with our girls and did such an amazing job taking these pics of these beautiful girls. Thank you very much.


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