{ Megan, Joel & Micky Three }

Hello Dear Friends…

Soooo, last year, for Mother’s Day,
I held a contest and the grand prize was a free session!!
Megan’s name was chosen using a random name pick online program.
We started messaging back and forth,
somewhere along the way, one of us suggested doing an
apple blossom session and since spring was in the air…
we decided it would be perfect to incorporate
the big, beautiful apple tree in their yard, when it bloomed!

The moment I arrived at their home,  Megan welcomed me with open arms!
She shared her amazing wedding plans,
showed me all the things she was collecting, and creating…
and I just fell in love with her eclectic style!
I think I found a kindred spirit ❤

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer | Megan, Joel & Micky ThreeI raided my stash of vintage baby clothes,
that I had lovingly collected when
my own darling daughter was a baby.
But, I truly had no idea that these outfits would
so perfectly suit Micky and Megan’s style!!
I guess that some things are just meant to be!

Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer-14

Micky, being the sweet little darling that she is,
totally rocked her part of the session.
Melting hearts with her baby blue eyes   ❤

Apple blossoms, sweet family moments,
darling baby toes and snuggles,
what more could anyone want?

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