We’re off on an Adventure!

Hello dear friends…
I just wanted to let you all in on a little secret…
OK… it’s not really a secret, in fact we’ve been
telling everyone we see… haha.
We are going on an adventure

Our big, beautiful family is going on a 3-month Missions Trip.
Starting with a road trip from our home in the Rocky Mountains,
and driving our van through the States to Tijuana, Mexico!
We will be joining with YWAM,
whose mission is to serve the needs of the poor,
both practically and spiritually.
We will know a lot more about our specific assignments
when we arrive at the base in Mexico.
If you are interested in following our adventures,
we would love for you to check out our BLOG!
The Lion, the Witch and the Road Trip
and we also have a FB page!

Sally-Ann Taylor | International Photographer
and so!  I wanted to let you know,
if you have a question, concern or would like to book a session…
I may be a little delayed in responding to messages.
BUT!  I would still LOVE to hear from you!
If you are looking for a spring/summer session,
let’s start the conversation,
I will be back in April!
Thank you sooooo much for visiting my BLOG,
I would love for you to click the FOLLOW button
to receive email updates when I post something new!
I hope to be able to share some amazing
images from our travel adventures
and I would hate for you to miss out!!
Please feel free to show some love,
leave a comment, like and share!!
Have a lovely day!!

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