An East Coast Christmas Tradition

I really LOVE Christmas…
I love so many things about it,
BUT, most of all…
I love the traditions!

And because I also love a good backstory,
I’m going to tell you a little bit about one of
my favourite traditions.
One that began with my family in New Brunswick,
and one that I hope to continue for many years to come ❤
This is my Dad…

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder
And this is a picture of my Dad taken a ‘few’ years earlier…

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder

When he was young,
he went with his parents to a beautiful
little island off the coast of New Brunswick,
a place called Grand Manan.
A lovely woman named Rose
made a lobster chowder for them…
My Dad says that he was mesmerized
by it, the aroma, the taste,
the rich deep red colour on the top.
And this was the inspiration for the great
Lobster Chowder Tradition

Now, let me tell you…
This story is NOT just about a tasty soup.
This is a story about the whole experience…
My entire childhood,
I remember our family travelling to
buy lobster right from the fishermen on the wharf.
Several years we went to Campobello Island

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder
Campobello Island | Photo by Gordon Green

And other years, we went to Grand Manan Island.

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder

{ special thanks to Tim Gillespie for letting me use these amazing Grand Manan photos }

Making this chowder was quite the endeavour in those days.
We would come home with 40-50 lbs of live lobsters…
and I remember spending hours in our garage,
with my Dad and a BIG POT to boil the lobsters in…
My brother and I would race “our” lobsters on the garage floor
to see which one would make it across the finish line first.
Then everyone was in the kitchen,
time to shell the lobsters,
and I’m pretty sure that by the time we were finished
there was lobster juice EVERYWHERE…
all up our arms and in our hair,
even on the walls & cupboards… haha.

And here’s another part of the tradition,
every Christmas Eve we would have a HUGE party!
Friends & family would come to visit,
have a bowl of chowder, and lots of other treats…
these are some of my favourite childhood memories

Ok, so you know the “HISTORY”
and we fast forward a ‘few’ years…
No longer living in New Brunswick.
Christmas just isn’t Christmas without that taste
of rich, creamy Lobster Chowder…
And I start making the Lobster Chowder,
using my Dad’s recipe!

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder | Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer

East Coast Tradition | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder | Sally-Ann Taylor, Photographer

Now that I’ve tempted you with these pictures of delicious lobster…
You should know that we’ve decided to share the recipe with YOU!!
Merry Christmas!

Lobster Chowder BLOG | East Coast Tradition | Sally-Ann Taylor | Gordon Green Lobster Chowder
Please feel free to like & SHARE this post,
And I’d love to hear about some of
YOUR Christmas traditions
in the comments section!

8 thoughts on “An East Coast Christmas Tradition

  1. Thanks for sharing this story and pics of continuing a great family tradition. It’s wonderful to see yet another of the Green family lasting legacies that involve sharing the fruits of their labours with whomever would accept the gift. Sounds like you are following the example of our Lord too…just with a different “loaves and fishes” recipe xo. Wish I was closer to come test your recipe but will have to try it here until we meet again. Love u always Sally Jo Ann Fred xoxo


    • Merry Christmas, Rebecca… and to your family as well!! Now that I’m half grown up (lol)… and we have kids of our own, I’m really coming to appreciate all the traditions and things we did as a family! I love the “fishes and loaves” reference, too… haha, it’s perfect!! Love you!!


  2. So beautifully written, Sally-Ann! Special memories from the beautiful Miramichi! ❤️ So nice that you are carrying on the tradition for your family! Merry Christmas to all of you! ❤️


  3. Sally-Ann what an awesome blog! I love your Mom and Dad so much. What a great picture of your Dad as he is now and his younger years lol. This blog is so beautifully written and I was very happy that you posted the recipe. I am so going to attempt this lol ( probably won’t turn out as well but trying it anyway). Being from Nova Scotia I think you have captured the beauty and special qualities of the East in this post. God bless you and your family, you have beautiful children😊

    Love your friends the Brewers
    Dwayne, Tammy, Connor and Jade 😊


    • Tammy! Thank you so much for the encouragement!! This was definitely a story that I loved telling ❤ and I'm glad that love shone through for those reading!! Let me know how it goes when you try the recipe! It's sooooo good!!!


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