Let me tell you a little about myself…
I’m a love & lifestyle photographer.
A lover of beauty & candy,
leather & lace, lobster & wine,
anything that sparkles,

vintage stuff & motorbikes.

With my A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. husband,
and our six little kidlets,
we have a cozy mountain home in the
beautiful Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

Photography is definitely a
lifestyle for me.

I am hardly ever without a
camera in my hands,
and if it’s not in my hands,
it’s probably resting nearby!
I’ve been blessed to have excellent friends
{ who happen to be photographers }
willing to help me in this learning
journey and I am inspired to be
better because of them.

I take pictures of just about everything…
but most of all, I love to capture those
little moments & emotions
in life that we never want to forget!